Support for Internet Explorer

It looks like you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your web browser. This is now considered ‘end-of-life’, and Microsoft is withdrawing support for it because it uses outdated technology. This means that it will no longer receive important security updates and previous bugs will not be fixed.

This means that the risk and cost are placed on service providers to develop twice for modern browsers and again for Internet Explorer. As free, modern alternatives are available for most platforms it is difficult to justify spending public money on further development.

Please see the Withdrawal of support for Internet Explorer notice from NHS Digital for more information and guidance.

Age UK – Call in Time (telephone befriending)

Telephone befriending service for matching volunteers with older people.

Not having someone to talk to regularly can be lonely and isolating, particularly if you’re used to sharing your home and time with others. A friendly, weekly, 30-minute chat on the phone can make all the difference.

While we’re waiting to find a suitable match, we carry out regular, short Good Day Calls with them, to bridge the time gap.

What’s great about Call in Time?

  • Free weekly calls from a volunteer for up to 30 minutes
  • Find and make a new friend to share experiences with
  • We match older people with a friendly volunteer who shares similar interests and hobbies
  • We protect everyone’s safety by automatically connecting older people with their telephone friend which means no personal telephone numbers need to be exchanged

How does Call in Time work?

Call in Time follows a straightforward process.

  • You sign up and register interest.
  • We assess your profile (or the older person you’re referring)
  • We match up with a suitable volunteer
  • We then connect the volunteer to begin weekly calls

Is there anyone who won’t be suitable for Call in Time?

Call in Time may not be suitable for people with memory loss, dementia or mental health issues that require higher level support. These conditions may affect the person’s ability to build a telephone friendship with a volunteer.

Information and Advice

Age UK also runs an Information and Advice Line.

How can I access this service?
Register via our website or call the number on the right to speak to our team about yourself or someone else receiving calls. If you are calling on behalf of someone else, please make sure you have their permission.
When is this service open?
The lines are open every day 8am-7pm
How much will it cost me?
Social media

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What groups of people is this for?
Older people
What areas of the city is this for?
People from anywhere in the city



Delivered in partnership with

Healthwatch Liverpool
Citizens Advice Liverpool