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Alzheimer’s Society: Side by Side

A service which links people living with dementia to volunteers, so they can keep doing the things they love.

What is Side by Side?

The service helps people get out and about with the support of a volunteer doing an activity of their choice. This might be anything from joining a local club, to going to the football, a cafe or simply a stroll in the park.

This extra support can make it easier for people with dementia, who might sometimes feel isolated or find it difficult to leave their homes, to do things we might take for granted and feel part of their local community. The service is highly flexible and
built around the individual and their needs.

How do I volunteer for Side by Side?

You can volunteer on weekdays, evenings, weekends and even over the phone. It’s a flexible way to give your time and it will make a difference to someone’s life.

You need to be 16 years-old or older to sign up, and we’ll provide you with all the training you need. Why not try one of the following?

  • Face-to-face: As a face-to-face volunteer you can go wherever your shared interests take you – whether it’s a local garden centre, museum or café! It’s up to the both of you. Meeting in-person helps build familiarity, while people with
    dementia can still do the things they love.
  • Telephone: You can also volunteer over the phone, either from your home or your local Alzheimer’s Society office. A friendly chat with a familiar voice can be a great source of comfort so is a great option if you’re not able to travel and
    meet face-to-face.
  • Hospital: By volunteering at your local hospital you will provide invaluable face-to-face support to patients with dementia during their hospital stay. Get involved Become a Side by Side volunteer today – a couple of hours a week is all
    it takes.

You can sign up on our website, call or email to

How can I access this service?
If you’re living with dementia and would like to find out more about the service in your area, please call the relevant phone number to speak to one of our team.
When is this service open?
General enquiries are answered between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday
How much will it cost me?
Social media

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and Twitter

What groups of people is this for?
People with dementia
What areas of the city is this for?
People from anywhere in the city


  • Side by Side Wirral, Liverpool and Knowsley enquiries
  • 0151 426 4433
  • National Demetia Helpline
  • 0300 222 1122



Delivered in partnership with

Healthwatch Liverpool
Citizens Advice Liverpool