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Blackburne House – Mindfulness and Counselling on Zoom

Mindfulness Sessions and Counselling Sessions for women aged 18+ in the Liverpool City Region.

Eating Mindfully

Gain control of your eating and maintain a healthy body. Some of the benefits of mindful eating are – reduce stress and increase enjoyment of day to day activities.

Intro to Mindfulness

  • A one and a half-hour session

In these ever-changing, challenging and uncertain times it is essential that we are physically and mentally healthy to deal with this unusual way of life. Mindfulness and meditation is a way of achieving this. This introductory session to Mindfulness can
set you on a journey to boost your health happiness and wellbeing. This session is perfect for those wanting to explore Mindfulness prior to committing to the full programme.

Mindfulness Half Days 

  • A three hour session

Living mindfully can promote wellbeing and resilience. Helps with confidence, attention and focus. Mindfulness enables us to quiet the mind and see things as they are. Meditation is a tool to reduce stress and anxiety, it can inspire a different way of thinking
and addressing negative thinking patterns, ruminating about the past and worrying about the future

Mindfulness for Self Esteem and Confidence

  • A one and a half hour session

Research has shown that living mindfully, together with meditating can improve confidence and self esteem. It helps to quieten the mind and see things as they are . Meditation can be used to reduce stress and anxiety and inspires a different way of thinking,
helping us to be more present and enjoy the now, something that is often overlooked.

Mindfulness for Health Anxiety and Wellbeing

  • 3 sessions

We will introduce you to the benefits of Mindfulness, working with you to reduce anxiety whilst raising your wellbeing and resilience. Giving you time to quiet your mind and encourage you to reflect on any barriers, enabling you to identify what you can
do to overcome them using a holistic and calming approach.

Fully funded Counselling sessions

One to one counselling a maximum of six sessions

Individuals will be able to access personal counselling in a confidential, safe and non-judgemental space, offered by a qualified and highly experienced integrative counsellor who as the name suggests; uses a combined approach that brings together different
elements of specific therapies.

Group counselling weekly session

This is where a collection of women with similar issues meet as a group with a trained counsellor to discuss Learn and share experiences.  Examples of our group sessions cover are relationship problems. work-related stress, grief and bereavement, communication
and social skills concerns, anxiety and depression, anger etc.

All session are delivered via zoom. 

Flyers at the bottom of the page.

How can I access this service?
For more information or booking on these sessions email:
When is this service open?
Enquiries are answered Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm
How much will it cost me?
The project is fully funded for Women aged 18 yrs plus who live in The Liverpool City Region.
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Delivered in partnership with

Healthwatch Liverpool
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