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Collective Encounters: Women in Action

Drama and creativity project to develop and celebrate women’s resilience, leadership and activism in their communities.

The project will provide opportunities for women aged 19+ to reflect on the role women play in community organising – by taking part in training, gathering and sharing seldom heard stories, and organising for positive change.

In the second year of the project (2021), we are building on the digital and remote-working confidence developed over the past year to offer an ambitious programme of creative engagement via online platforms, radio, print and post, sharing and exploring
women’s stories through drama, storytelling, poetry, music, and visual media.

Opportunities to get involved:

Oral History Archive

Take part in an interview and add your voice to the project. All interviews will contribute to a new archive of Merseyside women’s activism to be held at the Museum of Liverpool, as well as inspiring an original performance.

Read more
and find out how you can share your story.

Facebook Group

Join the ‘Women in Action Merseyside’ Facebook group to connect with other local women, share your experiences and reflect on the role women play in community organising.

Visit the group and join.

One-off storytelling workshop for your group 

We can run a 1-2 hour workshop with your group introducing creative techniques to share & explore our stories. There is no need to have a particular ‘story to tell’. We start with the theme of resilience and end with the theme of hope, allowing the session
to go wherever it goes in between. Some people share very personal experiences while others speak more generally. All of this is welcomed. Anyone taking part will be invited to join our core Women in Action group, if they are interested. 

Telephone connections 

We have a creative activity intended for telephone befriending services (or similar), which involves gathering the memories of women who are especially isolated. We provide some prompts for the befriender to use in conversation, noting down their partner’s
response. The befriender then creates their own creative response to these memories, based on suggestions we offer (e.g. writing a poem, drawing a picture, taking a photograph) The memories and the response can be sent to us and will form part of a printed
booklet that will be sent to all who have taken part. 

Postal activity packs 

Similar to the above, but this involves sending a creative worksheet directly to the isolated person, which they can complete and return. Any returned sheets will be incorporated into the printed booklet (as above), which will be sent to all who have taken

Online performance 

From April onwards our core group members will have some short performances to share – including poetry, music and short scenes. We would be delighted to virtually visit your group to share some of this performance. We can do this in whatever way is most
easily accessible for your members e.g. Zoom, YouTube, Instagram. This can include a short ‘talk back’ after the performance to share feedback and responses. 

For more information or to arrange any of these activities, contact Project Manager Tessa Buddle: 07564 356809

How can I access this service?
Join the Women in Action Facebook page, or email for Training or Heritage Programme
When is this service open?
As a guideline, enquiries are answered Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm
How much will it cost me?
Social media

Join our Facebook private group Women in Action Merseyside

What groups of people is this for?
The general public
What age groups is this for?
What areas of the city is this for?
People from anywhere in the city


Collective Encounters: Women in Action, MPAC, 1-27 Bridport Street, L3 5QF



Delivered in partnership with

Healthwatch Liverpool
Citizens Advice Liverpool