Support for Internet Explorer

It looks like you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your web browser. This is now considered ‘end-of-life’, and Microsoft is withdrawing support for it because it uses outdated technology. This means that it will no longer receive important security updates and previous bugs will not be fixed.

This means that the risk and cost are placed on service providers to develop twice for modern browsers and again for Internet Explorer. As free, modern alternatives are available for most platforms it is difficult to justify spending public money on further development.

Please see the Withdrawal of support for Internet Explorer notice from NHS Digital for more information and guidance.

Cooking with others

Cooking with others can add nourishment to your life in more ways than one. Cooking is an essential life skill that only gets better the more you practice, so why not try learning a new recipe or two and meet new friends at the same time? Cooking is the healthy habit that anyone can pick up.

How can cooking with others help me?

Cooking with others is a fun way to get creative, experiment with new foods and create new friends in the process. Cooking can have a positive impact on your mental, social and physical wellbeing so it’s worth giving it a try, even if you think you’re not a good cook right now. By learning alongside others, having a laugh as you do it and learning more about the food you consume, you can bring a hugely positive habit into your life; cooking for yourself and others.

Here’s some of the things you can get out of cooking with others:

  • Learn and develop a crucial life skill
  • Ease stressful thoughts
  • Reignite your passion for cooking
  • Learn techniques from people in your class
  • Socialise with people who share your interests
  • Expand your knowledge of recipes
  • Develop a healthy habit
  • Enjoy food more knowing how much effort goes into making it

What does cooking with others involve?

When taking part in a cooking class, you can expect to learn essential skills in food preparation and various forms of cooking like baking, roasting or boiling depending on the type of class you choose. Don’t worry about lugging pots and pans with you, classes are kitted out with everything you might need.

The teacher is there to guide you through the whole process, so don’t let your inexperience put you off. You can relax knowing that everyone in the class is in the same boat. Go in willing to learn, open to socialise and ready to make something delicious.

Where can I cook with others?

Discover your local cooking community.

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