Support for Internet Explorer

It looks like you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your web browser. This is now considered ‘end-of-life’, and Microsoft is withdrawing support for it because it uses outdated technology. This means that it will no longer receive important security updates and previous bugs will not be fixed.

This means that the risk and cost are placed on service providers to develop twice for modern browsers and again for Internet Explorer. As free, modern alternatives are available for most platforms it is difficult to justify spending public money on further development.

Please see the Withdrawal of support for Internet Explorer notice from NHS Digital for more information and guidance.


Yoga is a gentle approach to fitness for everyone that has the potential to improve your physical health, mental health and social wellbeing.  Take part in light stretches, deep breaths and surround yourself in a positive atmosphere. If you’re feeling stressed out about work, family or life in general, stretch it out and let go of the tension at yoga. Unwind, de-stress and feel better in your body.

Is yoga for me?

It’s easy to think that yoga is for super-fit, flexible people, but yoga isn’t about being flexible. It’s about minimising stress and maximising wellness. Don’t be discouraged by your current abilities. Yoga can be modified to suit anyone’s capabilities in a way that ensures they are comfortable at all times whilst still receiving all the benefits of the exercise.

Yoga allows you to progress gradually into a fitter, calmer and more confident version of yourself. If you’ve always wanted to strive for health and fitness but have been put off by sports or a gym environment, yoga is a great option for you.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Starting any new hobby can bring a great feeling of accomplishment, but yoga in particular has a range of benefits that go far beyond the obvious.

Here are some good reasons to give yoga a go:

  • Clear and declutter your head
  • Feel more comfortable and confident in your body
  • Stretch out your stress
  • Soothe aches, pains and stiff joints
  • Gently increase your flexibility
  • Feel and look stronger
  • Gradually correct your posture
  • Be better equipped to fight off illness

Taking part in a class gives you the chance to meet new people in a friendly, relaxed environment; it can enrich your need for human company and connection. Yoga is known for having a community that is welcoming, inclusive and supportive.

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