Support for Internet Explorer

It looks like you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your web browser. This is now considered ‘end-of-life’, and Microsoft is withdrawing support for it because it uses outdated technology. This means that it will no longer receive important security updates and previous bugs will not be fixed.

This means that the risk and cost are placed on service providers to develop twice for modern browsers and again for Internet Explorer. As free, modern alternatives are available for most platforms it is difficult to justify spending public money on further development.

Please see the Withdrawal of support for Internet Explorer notice from NHS Digital for more information and guidance.


Apps can make a big difference to your health and wellbeing but there are an overwhelming number to choose from. ORCHA therefore reviewed 1000s of them so you can find the best and safest. Be it to help you give up smoking, to support your fitness, diet or mental health – or to help you manage an existing condition – if you think an app can help, have a look at those on their website.

Apps on your phone or tablet can help you take care of your health and wellbeing in lots of different ways:

  • keep an eye on things like your blood pressure, diabetes, weight, sleep, mood and all kinds of other things
  • monitor your health at home, on the go, or wherever in the world you are (even on a jet ski with a waterproof heart rate monitoring watch!)
  • feel healthier and happier
  • be more informed and in control
  • reduce your visits to the docs for check-ups

There are oodles of apps to choose from and it can sometimes be a little bit difficult to figure out which ones you can trust to do a good job. That’s why the NHS in Liverpool have teamed up with the clever people at ORCHA (the Organisation for the Review of Care and Health Applications), to bring you – a library of reviewed apps that can help you find the good’uns.

You see, all of the apps on their website have been put through their paces: they’ve been tried, tested and independently reviewed by experts. The review process leaves no stone left unturned, so you can feel confident that you’re choosing the best app for you.

Visit the ORCHA Liverpool website

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Healthwatch Liverpool
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